Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Disco may have died, but Deco lives on

Lucite? Square? Yes!
I attended the SF Modernism: Mission to Modern with Baby Flails-a-lot, Psycho Bambi, Mother Magoo and Aunt MacGuff. These shows are always fascinating for the wide variety of clothes, textiles, books, furniture and jewelry. Endless stalls of objects snatched from the past. A feast for my eyes and if I'm not careful, my pocketbook (we really need to use that word more).

They had everything you needed for a well appointed house.
(camera pics, excuse the quality)
Unnecessarily elongated women
Geometric-ly enhanced teapots
Circular lamps & angular cats
Geometric-ly enhanced cats
The world's happiest tiny chair
We walked up and down the aisles outfitting our imaginary houses with everything we needed. "Needed" in this context being a somewhat flexible term.
My new fenceposts
I also discovered that Mother Magoo and I are terrible influences on each other at these shows. We can generally make fairly decent shopping buddies, but when vintage and antique objects are involved we lose our damn minds. We think we're better stewards of the objects of history than any other schlub at a show so clearly we should buy pieces we feel strongly about. It's our duty as arbiters of all that is good and aesthetically pleasing in the world. Who would appreciate it more than us? (You see the flaw in this logic, don't you?)

We've made all sorts of new rules to govern our behavior at future shows. Which is good, because there's a show in December...

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