Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beep boop bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzit

Okay, no full blog post today due to me being a champion! Champion of financial data entry, that is. My computer and phone exploded before our trip. Fine, no problem, called in Eeyore. He & The Hub battled evil software demons, all my really important data backed up on a secure usb, blah, blah, blah. Cut to last week, when I get a nasty letter from the IRS. Paraphrasing, it says, "Dear Tacky Biz-natch, file your 2009 taxes or we will hunt you down like a British nobleman hunts foxes." I pick my jaw off the floor (foxes??), turn to my trusty secure memory key...which has deleted all my financial records for the last five years.

Adding insult to injury, the memory reads full, indicating that something is filling the damn thing up. Two experts later and I'm up a crick with no records. I curse until my tongue turns blue, roll up my sleeves and spend all my non-baby, non-sleeping time reentering 2009. Met the accountant, showed her the shiny records (she was suitably impressed) and *blammo* 2009 taxes done. Next week we get to do it all over again for 2010.

In short, I'm tired as hell.

So I spent today lunching with friends and heckling Lolo & her mom, Dee. Their basement clean up project has spilled into the driveway, down the street and around the corner. Three neighborhood dogs have disappeared. If something (*cough* yard sale *cough*) doesn't happen soon, the Coast Guard is going to be called in.

Tomorrow, Baby Flails-a-lot and I are taking Mother Magoo to the Snakes & Lizards: Summer of Slither exhibit for her birthday. With luck I'll get a picture of Baby Flails-a-lot wrapped in a boa constrictor. Caption for the Christmas card: Merry Christmas from the parents of the year.

(I would like to interject here that I paid 2009 taxes. I just hadn't filed the return. I am not a tax dodger. I believe in paying your taxes.)

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