Thursday, August 25, 2011

Korea keeps it klassy

I never knew a hotel could boughetto until I stayed at the Jongro Amare in Seoul. (For those that don't know--Boughetto = bourgeois + ghetto, exemplified by this video.) This hotel was kinda sorta the greatest place I've ever been. The whole interior was congruent with current design trends -- leather! marble! gray walls! nail studded padded headboards! -- done in low cost equivalent materials -- micro thin marble cladding, pleather, faux snakeskin, etc.

Only one of these pictures actually helps you find the hotel. Guess which one.

My god, the room! The room! It was better than most apartments I've had. Everything was overdone and over the top. It was love at first site.

(The wall color is not actually this dark. I suck at photographing low light conditions.) Note the technological overabundance. That screen by the bed controlled the lights, phone and god knows what else. We could barely work all the light settings. Indirect? Night soft-core porn focus? Bright as day? We had it all, but could only manage "blinding" or "chandelier".

Yes, that's right: two(!) computers and a subwoofer. God forbid you take turns or go without bass. This is Korea!

So silky and....synthetic. I thought "flames!" every time I looked at these.

Mmmm, pebbly, nailed, and bedazzled. What more could a girl want?

A gift wrapped tree!? A present to your eyes. And whatever you do, do NOT miss the wavy concrete cladding on the right. Do you see? Do you see?!

Aspirational high class tastes but cheap ass tacky tendencies? Yes and yes!


  1. LOVE IT!! I love Korea too. I'm jealous as all hell.

  2. It was amazing - even though we were only there for 24 hours! I love it so much we're already scheduled to go back for a real trip in two years. Its all about frequent flier miles!

  3. lol at the exterior photos. The idea that ANY building in Seoul would have nothing but blue skies around it is completely goofy.


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