Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wife swapping? Book swapping!

We are going to Polynesia and have a two day stopover in Seoul, Korea because we are just that awesome (says the mother of teething 4 month-old). My library (soon to be destroyed by the city's budget crisis 'cause people who read don't count) let me down . I need to see me the sights of Seoul in a whirlwind tour and I have nothing to show for it!

Thankfully, Paperback Swap to the rescue! I frickin' love this site: people trade books for the cost of shipping. The actual cost of shipping, not the obnoxious Amazon price of shipping. I've been a member for a couple years and I've gotten some fantastic art books and out of print mystery books (Ish likes them old! wait...). My new shiny guidebook is the tiniest thing in the world.
You can measure it next to She Who Must Be Obeyed's giant cat head. I tried to take a picture just of the new book, but someone is feeling neglected. She pounces on anyone doing anything near the couch.

In other travel preparation news, I've managed to get a sunburn in a lovely stripe pattern starting at my forehead and ending at baby feeding levels. So right before I go halfway around the earth to get as close to the sun as humanly possible I burned the hell out of myself. Preparation...going well.

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