Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh, the excitement

This story is a shining example of how things get done around our house.
First, a family friend sends us a baby package including a kick-ass butterfly mobile from the Burchfield Penney museum (and not babies, we're full up).

Arts sidebar: the Burchfield Penney is devoted mostly to artist Charles Burchfield and a must visit if you ever go to Buffalo. Burchfield had the creative genius triumvirate: an amazing visual vocabulary, a depth of work (1915 to 1960s!), and astonishing level of documentation from keeping copious journals on his creative process. He's one of those artists who gets called visionary as mere description. Someday he gets his own post or 5. When I have oodles of free time. Like when Baby Flails-a-lot is College Student Flails-a-lot. End sidebar.

Second, the mobile sits around all abandoned and dejected while we talk about how we're going to put it up right there and how much Baby Flails-a-lot will love it. Third, Mother Magoo gets annoyed with our inaction and attacks it Magoo-style. See she's learned that we take forever to do anything but will immediately interrupt/take away/fix anything that she is doing if she does it half-ass wrong without reading instructions.
Thus she gets this far:
And then declares it good enough, leaving this:
At which point Husband-cat looks at it, realizes the mobile came with fishing line which renders the twine irrelevant and redoes the whole thing.

Now Baby Flails-a-lot gets settled in her bouncer, sees the mobile and goes nuts. Squawks, wild gesticulations, and happy screeches abound. My theory is that she desperately wants to climb up to the mobile and so she can chew on it.

May your weekend be filled with as many happy noises as mine. (If you don't have a baby then its on you to fill that auditory void)


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