Thursday, June 16, 2011

Flaming crashing doom

After two days of hyper-productivity I spent today fighting with The Hub and sleeping and feeling bad about myself. Ain't motherhood grand? Nothing but sparkles and sunshine and that oh-so-fulfilled feeling that stems from successfully procreating. Or something.

Made myself feel better by trying to teach Baby Flails-a-lot to say "biz-natches!". So far, no luck, but she can hit whole new squealing heights in both happiness and rage (anger is far too a small world for her flashes of temper - wonder where she gets it?). She is currently crushing The Hub's finger with her gums. Though not teething, she could crush can with her chompy bits.

Due to exhaustion and general crankiness you're getting my new favorite song: The Creep by Lonely Planet. Bastards disabled embedding so you have to click to see it but it's a dance song inspired by John Waters and featuring Nicki Minaj. I'm sorry but it does not get better than that.
The Hub and I have been going "hwaaaaahhhhh" and chasing each around the house ever since we saw this. Baby Flails-a-lot does the mouth movement but can't quite manage the noises, but she's getting there.

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