Tuesday, May 3, 2011


When will I learn? I end a post by saying "...never taunt fate" and Fate smacks me in the ass. And not in a friendly locker room kind of a way. More in the littering in Singapore gets you the cane kind of a way.

Immediately after I uploaded that post Baby Flails-a-lot started fighting off a cold bug. Babies do this by crying, fussing and being unhappy as much as humanly possible. Already Baby Flails-a-lot hates sleeping, now she's uncomfortable when she does try to sleep! She couldn't feed for more than two minutes at a time and lost her mind after that two minutes were up. Thanks to sleep deprivation and aggravation (make it stop! please god, make it stop!) we took longer than we should have to figure out that she needed to be bottle fed while sitting upright. The theory being that position-related sinus discomfort brought on the heightened levels of flailing and wailing.

The three of us were hollow eyed zombies by the time The Hub and I figured it out. Mere seconds after her first successful feed Baby Flails-a-lot passed out for a glorious five hours. She was good as new a day later.

Which brings me back to Fate poking me in the eye with bony fingers. I have this to say about the interlude,

Dear Fate,


Why say it this way? Because as the Llama font creators say, "Everything sounds better in Llama".

(P.S. Llama font? Sheer fucking genius. Tell your friends.)

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