Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ha! Giant insects! Always funny!

I love the first commercial.

Not as funny as head trauma, but damn close. But, Ish, why? (you ask) My multipart answer: a) The hilarious expression on the homeowner's face. Some people do great double takes, but dude's "stunned" is awesome. b) The ant's smooth ass voice. c) And the "*splort* Mmmm, sugar" part. There is something about the feeler in the coffee that makes me laugh and disgusts me.

This commercial?

Her eyes are like glowing, astonished marbles. Also, pink underlighting is always appropriate.

I would like to trick out our car with lighting embedded in the door frame that only glowed pink when the doors were open. Any fool can put lights under their car, but no one's lit up their doors (they fear the genius of the idea). The Hub, needless to say, has no intention of having a glowing pink car. Ever.

(Apparently Kayak Daddy wrote these Orkin ads--they're all on his youtube channel. Bring me the funny, Kayak Daddy!)

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