Thursday, May 26, 2011

Baby's first trip!

We drove to Los Angeles for a baby shower and it was a looooong drive. The party was in honor of ACTORS!, so everyone was ridiculously good looking. Baby Flails-a-lot was amazing. She snoozed and stared at her hands as Cubey The Wonder Car devoured the miles. That’s her new thing: staring at her hands and sorting out that whole cause and effect thingy. You can see the mental wheels turning as she flexes her fingers. Its like watching evolution in miniature. Only happier.

While driving, we saw a lot of this…
...with a little of this…
The sights along the way also included the usual conglomeration of typical ugly freeway outgrowth—strip malls, cheapie hotels, dirty industry—but there were the obligatory spots of credit-based exuberance in the form of empty office parks and retail locations.

This travel mall ghost town’s only tenants? Starbucks and Subway. Both deserted.
One of the side effects of the credit crisis is the death of hope. With the world of easy credit, fantasy based as it was, everything seemed possible. You opened a travel mall with 5+ retail spaces (tiny ones) on a random exit off of 101 because of course it was a good idea. Bound to be profitable immediately. Years later you’re left with a very nice, empty, about-to-be-dated mini mall fading in the unrelenting Southern California sun.


  1. Where is your vehicle? You guys parked all the way at the end of the parking lot where you took this picture?

    I liked the last paragraph. It has a nice rhythm to it.

  2. The vehicle is behind us! I took this while Husband-cat was diaper changing. It was the one space with shade from a sad little tree. I actually made a point of trying to include what few cars there were in the shot!


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