Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swiss Family Robinson

Having a child makes you think often of family. And how you would like to ship them off to Borneo. Freight. Kidding! Actually, having a baby reawakens the appreciation you have for your blood and kin that often gets covered by the detritus of living. This applies only to supportive families; crap families stay in the freight category.

We all know Mother Magoo is crazy, but did you know she can tolerate baby screaming without freaking out? She can reason about what to try next to calm the kid when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and die. These are things I did not know before having an infant in the house.

There's a whole physical reaction when babies cry. It makes you fucking crazy. You just want it stop. Sometimes you actually have to remind yourself that the baby isn't trying to make your life hell, it's just that she ate two seconds ago and needs to eat again. The fact that you have a piece of breakfast toast halfway into your mouth and it's 2 pm doesn't really register with her.

Actually, every day is easier than the last in the three months of Baby Flails-a-lot existence. I'd like to say its due to our kick ass parenting skills, but as new parents awesomeness is irrelevant to how inadequate you feel. My family and kin made it so much easier on us, I couldn't help but know I was loved and our life is blessed.

So shout out to the loved ones! Mother Magoo has been here damn near every day, giving us the most precious gift of all, a momentary respite where we can eat or bathe or just sit for a minute doing absolutely nothing. Aunt MacGuff has been here almost as much – bathing and holding Baby Flails-a-lot and telling us how much better it is now than the old days (which is oddly comforting). The Drama Queens and our friends kept us alive the first month by bringing food daily and getting us anything we needed. The second month they visited us and reminded us we were human beings not just walking bags of tired.

I can look back on those (fingers crossed) times of yore (five weeks ago) and say, "Ah, it was so hard in those bygone days, but now its so much easier…." And then Baby Flails-a-lot will burst into tears to spite me for taunting fate. First rule of parenting, never taunt fate.

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  1. yay!!

    it is amazing how babies can bring out the best (and sometimes the worst) in folks...

    kiss that baby for me!


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