Friday, February 4, 2011

The best laid plans...

When I die my tombstone is going to read "But my plans! My beautiful plans!" I had many plans for this blog and my pregnancy. Chief among them would be that I would write a huge batch of blogs to post while I was on maternity leave until April 1st. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Today is C-day. And by "C" I mean C-section. Baby Skullhead has been in the breech position, since, well, the beginning of friggin' time, and she decided to stay that way until the end so we're going the surgical route much to my chagrin (my plans!).

I will be back April 1st. If I can align any brain cells before then I will come back earlier. And if I'm really good I'll have pics of Baby Skullhead in all her mucky glory right after birth looking like a zombie. Seriously, newborns look like the undead and I want photographic evidence so I can make a huge blow-up of it for her Sweet Sixteen party. But then, that's just another plan. :) 


  1. I wish you a swift recovery and at least 5 hours of sleep a night ;)


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