Monday, January 17, 2011

Name that tune! I mean baby….

The advent of Baby Skullhead is soon upon us (three weeks! Oh god…) and we still don't have a name confirmed yet. I've been scolded by perfect strangers for not having chosen a name yet. Others confide in me not to get too attached when I do pick a name because apparently you can take one look at the moppet and decide that what you thought was so perfect will never, ever work.

Our dilemma is that both Husband-cat and I have awesome, unusual, interesting names. This is not as easy to reproduce as you might think. If we give Baby Skullhead an rare but stupid name (I'm sorry, "Apple" and "Seven" are stupid names) everyone will assume our kid is the offspring of over-medicated celebrities or frustrated artists/demented bohemian hipsters.. If we go too far into the unusual, we stray into making our child sound like a superhero or children's book character. Exhibit A: Aunt MacGuff wants us to call our girl "Ultraviolet." Seriously, Aunt MacGuff?!?

If we make up names our friends will smite us – the "no ghetto-fabulous names!" gauntlet has already been thrown down. (Although I did try to make up some names, but the results were awful). I was onboard for obscure (Latin names for flowers, for instance) but The Hub vetoed. The other badlands are interesting names from cultures other than our own which I think is silly unless you really commit. I have a friend whose mother got inspired by her travels and named her gigantic brood as follows:
  • Jeanette Marie- French/ Hebrew (God is Gracious)
  • Alejandro Raul - Spanish (Defender, Alexander Paul)
  • Kamal Sherie - Arabic / Hebrew (Perfection / Princess)
  • Bahia Karima - Persian and Hebrew / Hebrew (Beautiful or Happy / Giving or Generous )
  • Hanako Amira - Japanese (Flower Princess)
That is such a level of commitment to globe-spanning monikers that it goes from crazy to awesome. They love their names and really who wouldn't want to be part of that Brady bunch?

On choosing, I love Scott Meyer's take on it:

And no, I do not solicit my friend's input lest they get attached to the names they want for the baby. It's hard enough with only two of us. Wish us luck!


  1. I am loving the idea of a star trek themed baby name ... perhaps for pets though.

    I was supposed to help my brother pick a nahuatl name for my niece, but then she came early and he got drunk, and well, then all I could do was help fix the name he the poor child has a 14 letter name. It is original...

    When his second child came around, he wanted to name it knife in nahuatl which sounds a lot like knife in spanish since they apparently didn't have a word for knife until the spanish arrived ... yikes...

    we were so dismayed that we all picked the name that we liked and gave it to one of the little birds that hatched at my mom's house (except ET, he got that name for obvious look alike reasons) even though they were all girl birds...

    his wife put her foot down this time and now the son has the name of a tv character (don't get me started on tv actors as naming devices) that my mom and aunt thinks sounds like shrimp in spanish. but he's still cute and we like him.

    My mom had rules which didn't help me to get an original name, so all that said, GOOD LUCK, don't worry you might just be ruining the rest of her life...

    just kidding

  2. Wow, your brother's adventures n naming are making me feel a hell of a lot better about our naming trials!


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