Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mighty bed of steel!

In the madcap process of putting our house together before the baby comes, we've bought a bed! It's steel and fabulous. The Hub found it on Craigslist after I promised him a thrift store bed frame that I would redecorate with my as-yet-unapplied DIY skills. For some reason he read this promise as (a) a threat and (b) completely insane since it required me to have magical time-stopping abilities where I could do a DIY project. Between going through boxes, setting up the nursery, bookkeeping, contracting, medical appointments (for me and family), blogging, and attending childbirth education classes (a new one!), I have exactly zero time for anything and stop moving only when I collapse or come to a grinding halt after freaking out about how much there is left to do. Ok, I don’t generally freak out, but I've done it twice in the last week so The Hub has decided this is what eight months pregnant looks like. I think it will consist of cookies and shopping, but we'll see.
Isn't the bed fabulous? And the lamps look lovely on their Lucite thrones.


  1. yay...cookies and shopping and SLEEPING on the new bed.

    It is lovely ... excellent work TH aka K.

  2. I remember how insane things were just before Ike was born.. sleep while you can!

    And I adore your bed! I've been searching for one just like it on CL, to no avail. Score!

  3. Thanks ladies! I actually have "make chocolate chip cookies" crammed into my impossible schedule and I am not ashamed!

    We totally lucked out on the bed. This is so superior to what I had in mind. Good luck erin! Your obsessing will be repaid! We found our house rental and bed that way. :)


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