Friday, January 21, 2011

Its full of stars!

The nursery is empty! The nursery is empty! Ding-dong the witch is dead! The nursery is empty!
So after being harassed endlessly by family, friends and Husbands #1-4 (more on that later) AND the interior designer who I've given the room over to (gotta love college friends who go into awesome careers). I have emptied the nursery, mostly via Husband 2 (Lolo) putting baby furniture together, Husband 3 (Eeyore) moving all the heavy things and Husband 4 (Stormee) rearranging all the baby gear after Mother Magoo and Aunt MacGuff organized it to their own specifications. The result is what you see here!
All I had to do was go through forty boxes and repack/donate/toss/recycle whatever was in them and leave my living room looking like this:
See? Easy peasy! Only thirty boxes, five large packages, ten shopping bags to go! Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go die.


  1. freecycle as much as you can ... it's good karma for when you NEED something that another mommy still has because she thinks she just might need it SOMEDAY and then sees your plea and VOILA.

    I asked for a meditation cushion the other day thinking fat chance I would get one in Albuquerque, but they're expensive and after the trip to NY there is no room left in the budget.

    I got two emails within 20 minutes of posting it and now I have a lovely gold trimmed meditation cushion!

    Happy letting go and rearranging...

  2. Nice! We've been getting so much stuff I've totally forgotten about freecycle! I'll inventory the last Target batch Mother Magoo & Aunt MacGuff picked up and see if there's anything on freecycle we can get to replace it. Thanks for the tip!


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