Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby-Daddy!

During one of our fast car movie phases, Psycho Bambi and I went to see The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. (Shut up. It was awesome.) We saw this in the end credits:

Satoshi Tsumabuki ... Exceedingly Handsome Guy

That is the greatest description of any character ever (there were also "Cowgirl at starting line", which was almost as awesome). We immediately wanted to be that person. Why am I bringing this up, you ask? Because I want to tell you about the man who has that title in my life. The one, the only, the gorgeous: Husband-cat!

Yesterday was Husband-cat's birthday, to honor him I have compiled a list of the top ten things that make him the best partner that has ever or will ever live.
  1. Logic works on him even when he's angry. This is a trait so awesome I consider it a superpower. I am not like this. In arguments, I will lie to win. Terrible but true. My saving grace is that you can usually tell when I'm lying.
  2. He's nosy, will read over your shoulder shamelessly, and loves to eavesdrop. Not because he's malicious, but because he's genuinely interested in everything and everyone. He wants to know what everyone thinks and what they're doing.
  3. The Hub loves people. Despite knowing they can be fools and idiots he really thinks people are capable of great things. Its like living with an alien; I support people being great, but I think they can't help but be morons 'cause that's human nature.
  4. Always wants to learn and try new things. He grew up in a sheltered upbringing, but he is willing to go any where and do anything. He loves learning about new or obscure things and will discuss them for hours.
  5. If he tells you something that is wrong, especially if he wins a debate/discussion/argument on faulty information and finds out later he was wrong, he will tell you. Even if there's zero chance of you finding out. Like ever.
  6. He dances to his own drummer. Literally. He does his own thing on the dance floor so I just give him space. I love that he's so free to enjoy himself and unselfconscious. Our friends tease him, but he doesn't give a fuck, he's happy.
  7. Like Vanilla Ice says "Show me a problem. Yo, I'll solve it". If Husband-cat can see the problem, he will solve it. If he can't see it, he will fight you to the death that he's right, but the fact he's so willing to resolve issues that come up between us when he understands them make any fight worthwhile.
  8. He is the original pattern master (shout-out Octavia E. Butler!). He develops systems and patterns for literally everything in life, from how he arranges his keys to our cutlery drawer. I find this hilarious. He loves nothing better than to tell me about all his systems so I can acknowledge how amazing he is for coming up with them. It is adorable.
  9. He is fundamentally optimistic without being unrealistic and calls bullshit when he sees it. As I'm fundamentally cynical this is a continuing amazement to me.
  10. He doesn't give second best effort. He always gives his best. All he wants is to be recognized for what he's doing, but he'll do it even without recognition.
Okay, that's a long list, it's as short as I could keep it – I totally left off his great fluffy hair, his obsession with pie (not cake!), or his feats of sexual derring do (you're welcome). All of this is to say that the world is lucky he's in it, I'm happy he was born and he's mine and that Baby Skullhead gets to have such a great father. I love you Husband-cat!

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