Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Skullhead's welcome party

Wow. Still in recovery mode from the monumental madness that was Baby Skullhead's "coming out" party, otherwise known as the baby shower. We had a grand time -- the fams, the Drama Queens, and representatives from Lolo's ginormous family. My best friend, Afrodite, flew in from Texas just so she could go to the party. It was crazy in the best way.

During the shower, I saw all the things I love about the women in my life. They are all strong-willed, hilarious, fierce, competitive, and independent. Even the quiet ones couldn't be stopped by Mack truck. For example, Lady Di (of the Drama Queens) dominated the clothespin game. Here's how the game goes: you get a clothespin & attach it to your clothes. If you say "baby," the first person to call you out can take your pin. Like many other baby shower games, the clothespin game is completely innocuous. Just not when we play it. The second anyone dropped a "baby," Lady Di would appear out of nowhere, snatch the pin and then dematerialize, trailing little scraps of cloth still attached to the pin. I think Lady Di had an unfair advantage because she SEEMS like one of the sweetest women in the world (and she is) BUT she is also a ninja warrior with unearthly skills and it can be hard to reconcile the two existing in the same person.

Not that Lady Di was the only one to show her competitive side. Mother Magoo would use psychological warfare and demand your pin even if you didn't say "baby." I'm pretty sure she jedi-mind-tricked a few women that way. JR would say baby over and over again just to get other people to slip up – she lost her clothespin within seconds of getting hers, but she was going to be damned if you kept yours!

The word games--things like word jumbles and find-the-word puzzles--were also hilarious We'd argue over how long people got, Afrodite always advocating for like 2 seconds (she won most of the games, I think). Lady Di would always make the executive decision anyway. The minute the clock started, a deadly silence fell, and every women focused intensely on their card like they were Floridian 80-year-olds at bingo or mobsters playing poker. Those who weren't good at the game cracked jokes to break the concentration of the others. Disputes arose over ties like you would not believe. The prize bags were amazing -- JR had the highest class of swag I have ever seen at any event, anywhere. As Afrodite said, "This is hand-made! This ain't no Wal-Mart prize!"

And good lord, the presents. The clothes were so cute I immediately wanted adult size versions made. Seriously, I didn't know baby clothes came in such amazing patterns and colors. The Hub even got a manly diaper bag, complete with instructions for all the different pockets. He modeled it fetchingly to cheers. I got so much more than I even would have dreamed of. You all know I've been procrastinating and had nothing but three bags of clothes ready for Baby Skullhead's arrival (thanks AnnaC!). Well now I have everything: crib, stroller, car seat, high chair, bouncy seat, and more stuff than I can remember to even list. The generosity and love was overwhelming and made me tear up continuously. Thank god I didn't wear mascara.

And the food, oh the food. There's nothing like party food made by a chef. Cece started us with appetizers so good they would make you slap your momma! My fave was the handmade seven layer dip that she had to beat us away from lest we devour it all and have no room for the meal. Then she made the greatest build-your-own-fajitas the world has ever seen. Perfectly seared flank steak, individually roasted vegetables, and handmade sauces. And then topped off with a cake that I wanted to do a face plant in.

All in all it was wonderful. It made very present to me the incredible community I have here in Oakland and in my life. The shower reaffirmed why I had moved here 16 years ago. My friends and family are insane and amazing and I wouldn't be any where else in the world. I'm happy.


  1. yay...sorry I missed it, except for the games, I don't care for baby shower games...but CAKE, oh... wish I had some for the diet looms.

  2. I don't know. Even you may have been suckered in by the blatant over-the-top competitiveness and cheating. Also, you would have kicked ass.

    Sorry on the diet. Looms is always the appropriate word for a diet. We're still on the leftover cake & cookie diet. We actually exchanged cookies I made for cookies Psycho Bambi's BF's family made. So we have a box of Czech cookies to eat as well. Mmmm. Must have cookie now.


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