Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The miseducation of Ish

I don't know if I can make it through another birth preparation class without throwing down with the "teacher". This week the instructor said that the trauma of circumcision is the reason America is so violent. WTF? Stupidest thing I've ever heard from someone who calls themselves an educator. She also said that we were one of the most violent nations on earth that wasn't at war. Except that a) We are at war! Two wars! Have been for years! and b) We are not the most violent nation in the world--just look at the murder stats for places like El Salvador or Honduras.

Of course the instructor ignored me when I pointed out the sheer madness of her statement, but thank god the parents are a lot more sane. One of the fathers pointed out that since war predated circumcision, he wasn't sure her assertion held water. That got her to shut up, and she finally changed topics in the face of our insurrection.

The whole experience was crazy-making. You can't slam the medical establishment for ignoring empirical evidence on issues like c-sections and circumcisions and then frame your argument in made-up nonsense! Well, you can if you only want ideologues and the ignorant in your classes. The whole reason the Holistic birth movement exists is because they feel the medical establishment has its eye on things other than the women's health and education. That is laudatory, but only IF you fight that with empirically-based education, not crazy emotional bullshit that reinforces the women-are-victims mentality and demonizes any middle ground. Also, they miss the point that women aren't the only ones who get screwed by the medical establishment. It doesn't matter if your a man or women, the formula is Doctors = god, patients = cattle.

I am a college educated, empowered woman, how the hell am I supposed to relate to or recommend these people to other women in my life? Obviously I can't. If your background is in education, you have common sense, or you value empirical evidence and the scientific process, you're going to have your intelligence insulted. It's maddening because my run-ins with Western medicine birth prep hasn't been an improvement – those motherfuckers love to tell you all the shit that will go wrong in clinical terms as if you're not the one going to be on the gurney. They overwhelm you with awfulness and then look surprised when you turn green and tell them to shut the hell up.

So far the only saving graces have been that I'm learning a lot despite the crazy talk, and I really like the other parents in the class. Still, I don't know how much more I can tolerate and have already asked about getting a refund if I terminate before the sessions are over. Mother Magoo wants to come to the next class. Husband-cat has misgivings about that much opinion in one space, but I say bring it! If she goes toe-to-toe with the instructor it could be epic!


  1. ah... isn't it lovely to have people trying to shove things down your throat when they know you have raging hormones that could cloud your judgment?

    Thank goodness your hormones do not take over your brain ... but you can understand how people get brainwashed and then continue to spew this bs!

  2. Its bizarre. Do they find this kind of thing comforting? Like everything makes sense because its the medical community's fault? Same zealot principle afflicting both sides of the crazy right- and left- wing extremes - always xxx's fault. Its the superiority complex of implicit agreement that maddens me. Just because we're in conversation, doesn't mean I agree with you, Nutty McNutterson.

  3. I am enjoying your blog- your tone is so engaging. I think in the war comment she was talking about war within the country as in having people exposed to a war environment within borders, etc. although I do understand your frustration- she should have addressed your comment. I don't agree with everything she says either, and I'm a student of hers, but she is also incredibly wise and full of good information and I find that when I engage in discussion with her, she is very understanding. Anyway, I appreciate your involvement (and sense of humor). There sure is a lot going on in that room! ;)

  4. I admit I thought of that standing war thing later, but then I thought about China and India's human rights records and got mad all over again. But I admit, there is a lot of value in the class, I just don't know if the value is worth the aggravation. Hormones ain't so helpful in this situation. Fie on you hormones! Fie!


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