Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Scary Christmas

Oh how well Mother Magoo knows us…
Zombies and Zim together at last
That's right, my beloved family got us a present so gross I was advised not to look at it while eating. After an inauspicious start – namely me cursing at everyone for last-minute cooking and aunt-fetching snafus – we settled down to a good old fashioned Christmas at the Ish household: making fun of each other and eating as much as possible. We even made a video on our spanky new flip video camera (with HD!) for Baby Skullhead. So when she's old enough to comprehend and be embarrassed that these people are her family she can watch her very first Christmas. That and the Halloween pic should keep her in stitches... or in therapy.

The Hub and I rounded out the evening with a drop-in on Lolo's family party. These things are legendary. She has the world's largest family get-togethers with an ever revolving cast of characters. I've been going on and off for years, and it is entirely possible to do the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas party trifeca and see completely new people every time--and that's with upwards of thirty people per party. It's maddening. Of course, Lolo's people have the same problem--I always feel like they are assessing whether or not I'm some long-lost cousin whenever I turn up.

This X-mas party was no different, but at least this time it was the Hub who got caught out. At one point in the evening he turned to me and said in an outraged whisper, "Did you know there are multiple sets of twins!? I didn't know that at Thanksgiving!" He's new to the fold, poor thing.
Robot Santa will save you!

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