Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Let there be light!

The winners!
Photos: E-bay and Etsy listings
I was really torn on the body shapes I wanted for these lamps. I had initially planned on getting a mached set, in shape if not in color, but the fates decreed otherwise. I love strongly geometric and organic shapes, and my choices ran from conical, capsule, rectilinear, and globes. The capsule lamp shapes are much rarer and more expensive than the rectilinear shapes, but the orange beauty above was listed on e-bay at just below $50. Since its contemporaries were all well over $100, I jumped at it.

The Hub pushed me over the edge on the blue boxster. The E-bay/Etsy pages sat open in my browser for a week, mocking my inability to pull the trigger on the second lamp. I had rectilinear contenders lined up against their conical contemporaries, but The Hub flipped when he saw this blue bad boy. He likened it to a robot and loved that it was such an unusual color. So boxy is going into our bedroom on my side of the bed and will look amazing next to the Liberty of London for Target bedspread it complements.
As an added bonus, the Etsy shop I purchased boxy from, Found Vintage Style, turned out to be the door to another great blog. The proprietess wrote a post entitled Lamp Love with the exact type of lamps I had been obsessing about on her blog, Found Style! Below is a collage of lamps she's sold at her store – finally someone who understands my lamp obsession!
So there you have it, the fruit of my searches. I've found two great additions to our home and a new blog to ogle. I'm exhausted, but content. Let there be light, indeed.

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