Monday, December 13, 2010

Hey buddy, can you spare a light?

I can be obsessive. And by "can be" I mean "I AM obsessive". I try to control what I obsess about – interior design, say, instead of crazy people's opinions about motherhood. Sometimes there is no control (why yes, I've been replaying that batshit-crazy birth preparation class over and over in my head, why do you ask?). Other times, I put my OCD to productive use: I decide what I want to pursue, start my research, and then bam! Nothing but super-intense focus on that one thing. When it comes to purchasing decisions, this can last a very long time. I can spends months chickenhawking web sites for things I want/need/covet. Husband-cat can't decide if he should be thankful that I can stalk items endlessly, or sorry that I have such an acquisitive nature. Left to him, we'd have nothing but free craigslist furniture and piles of money. On the other hand, he loves our furnishings, has realized that I find good shit cheap, and appreciates that I continue to obsess and adore items even after purchase. I think he gets confused by the fact that I'm the book-keeper who watches every penny well as the interior design who wants to spend them all. What, is there a problem with that?

This brings me to my first house-related quest: The Great Lamp Hunt of 2010. Not just any lamps, but tiny lamps that would fill in the dark corners that our existing floor and overhead lamps aren't handling. What makes this purchase difficult is that I wanted excellent-condition vintage lamps that fit the aesthetic sensibilities of our current household of mid-century, deco, arts & crafts, and modernist furniture, but I didn't want to spend a kabillion dollars.

The Hub and I had a mutual obsession night where he watched YouTube for two hours straight and I went through every single lamp posting on Etsy's vintage marketplace (there were 125 pages of listings, I kid you not - my favorites list ended up with 40 lamps). That was a good start, but I was just getting warmed up. After that I spent every day for two weeks doing keyword searches on E-bay for every manufacturer, brand name, and time period I could think of, often when I should be sleeping (thanks Ipod and Baby Skullhead for keeping me awake!).

Here are the top pics in my price range:
Tomorrow I will unveil what I bought!

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