Friday, December 3, 2010

Babar the modernist

I've been feeling the urge to acquire lately. Not just "nesting", more of a manic need or a delusion. This is problematic as it interferes in my blog reading enjoyment because my brain keeps saying "WANT THAT!" and then I have to tell it to shut up so I can concentrate on what it is that actually makes the item/patterns/food seem so compelling.

The latest instance of E-bay lust occurred when I came across these beauties on a design blog I was reading. They are elephant money boxes designed by Luigi Colani from the '70s. He's pretty amazing -- started designing in the '50s and still working today. Loves "biodynamic" forms.
I think what makes them so perfect is that they are minimalist but it seems like they would still make a kid happy. A lot of supposedly kid-oriented modernist products don't seem like they'd be fun or visually compelling to a child. It's design over audience. I see a lot of the mod prods and want them as a toy for grown-ups, but I feel like Baby Skullhead would be bored stiff. In contrast, these elephants are a great balance of pure design and design for the target audience. I would love these for the nursery and have been obsessing about them for a week, but at $300 for the set, I think not. Well, not right now.

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