Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sympathy weight is…awesome?

The more porcine I get with Baby Skullhead, the more I appreciate The Hub's packing on twenty pounds after years of enraging all female-kind (especially Mother Magoo) with his hummingbird-like metabolism. Somehow, The Hub does not seem so happy with this development, nor is he amused by my gleeful belly poking. Maybe that's because my pregnancy was the direct cause of his weight gain.

Husband-cat and I work together as consultants. Normally we're an unbeatable team, more powerful together than apart (and we kick ass apart!). But then Baby Skullhead came into our lives and I discovered the pure hell of the first trimester. We went from "Wonder Twins, activate!" to "Um, babe, what are you watching?" "I don't know…images?"

So the first three months of pregnancy left The Hub working alone on our biggest project of year, unexpectedly. The plan had been for me to be in second trimester by the time this project began, but Baby Skullhead took her time to come into existence. A lady's right, I'll grant you, but it meant that Husband-cat ended up working really long hours with little to no back-up-- which is great if your plan is to get unhealthy and unhappy, not so much if you want to stay the slim trim kid. Also, I kept saying things like, "Pay attention to meeeeeeee" and then staring at him. Which I think is annoying in any situation, but especially when you're pulling your spouse/business partner's weight at work and home. And did I mention we work from home? Fun times.

Now for the upside(s): Second trimester was an whole new world of productivity for me and his near-invisible all over body layer of fat (yes, he even gains weight in a way that hides it to maximum effect) has made me incredibly happy and eased my personal transition from weighing 160 to flipping 185lbs in six months! See, he hit 180 months ago and is now fast losing it. I'm at 185 and growing, but I don't feel as self-conscious about it or resent it the way I did before. Supportive husbanding through fat. Watch and learn men!

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