Friday, November 12, 2010

Nursery Buys: Baby Skullhead's first doll

First official item bought for the box room nursery – Ta-da!
Doll made by Mi Vida Creations, carried at Crackerjacks
And a picture of him and Baby Skullhead's future home:
As you can imagine Day of the Dead is a huge deal in the pantheon of our lives. Such a happy, festive occasion! How can you not love any holiday of community, family and skeletons? Thus, when I caught sight of the Day-of-the-Dead-themed window display at local kid's boutique Crackerjacks , I thought I would explode on the spot. The window was stuffed full of oh-so-cute felt skeleton dolls replete with matching clip-on accessories--things like hearts, wings, etc. After 20 minutes obsessing over which doll would be right for Baby Skullhead, I settled for Mr. Pretty Bones here. I was dying to buy a set of accessories and almost sprang for a set of white felt wings, but it seemed a bit over the top even for me. So Baby Skullhead will have to live with "just" this kick-ass doll... and the hope that her room will actually get set up at some point!

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