Friday, November 5, 2010

Halloween pic back story

So what set me off on yesterday's friends-having-babies rant (outside of the Blueberry on Toast blog) was our Halloween escapades. It's not easy to find that special blend of demented and fun. To give context to Tuesday's picture: we spent Halloween with my friend Psycho Bambi and her boyfriend Kal-El helping them put on the best damn haunted house this side a carnie get-together. Our creep-tastic event went down in Kal-El's house, which is a former veterinary clinic located a goodish drive from us. The place is freakish all on its own: It's full of ancient tools, run-down kennels, and all sorts of eerie dark places.

We tricked out this sinister wonderland with all the usual haunted house goodies plus a back story about how children had been kept and tormented in the kennels. There was a tub of bloody body parts in the animal washing room, altars to the departed with real 18th-century "memorial" pictures of dead children, and of course animatronics and fog machines. Our crew (including Psycho Bambi, Kal-El, Husband-cat, myself, and our friend Eeyore) stationed ourselves in various kennels, playing the role of dead victims, zombie mothers, jumping out at visitors with machetes or chain saws, and just generally being awesome. Me & Baby Skullhead had a starring role as a body--she prominently displayed in a pool of blood.

Kal-El was amazed that we would drive an hour and a half to lie around in cold, damp kennels playing dead and popping out at passers-by, much less that I would do all this while pregnant. Maybe we are, but then again maybe Kal-El needs crazier friends. He had one friend helping, Bloody Bambi had three (four if you count Baby Skullhead!). She definitely won on the friend scale!

As we left, Eeyore mentioned that at his age, his father was home watching sports and handing out candy, not hiding in kennels. And that made me realize: Do you know how hard it would be to find new friends like the ones I have?


  1. Dude...I have been posting comments every post ... someone or something is blocking me ... dislike... now working on second set of funding proposal essays... still need chocolate. Also need to run!

  2. The internet has turned against you!!! More chocolate! And running!


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