Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chocolate Lust: Ginger Elizabeth

Hello Ginger Elizabeth! Ain't she pretty?
I picked up her Vanilla Bean Toffee Almond Dessert Bar (on left) at my favorite chocolate dealer in SF -- Fog City News -- right before The Great Move. Normally bars last a goodish bit in our house, but this bar didn't last two days. Between the move taking my usual lineup of nibbles out of rotation and the Hub going to town on the bar, that sucker didn't stand a chance.

I'm not big into super sweet bars so I wouldn't normally get a bar labeled "dessert", but the Fog City staff have no problem pushing product, bless 'em. Their pitch was too perfect, a sample piece with backstory -- a new, young chocolatier located in Sacramento, of all places? Just a try one piece, its not sweet...And I was so happy I followed their rec: the bar's toffee is a perfectly light, tasty, crumbly counterpoint to the grounded, darker 70% chocolate base.

When it didn't look like my "Chocolate Baking Day" was going to get off the ground, I ordered two more Ginger Elizabeth toffee bars, one plain 70% bar and a small box online. I'd tell you how the 70% and the box of mixed chocolates were, but I haven't touched them yet. They're all chillin' in the chocolate fridge (high-end filled chocolates with no preservatives generally has a shelf life of two weeks, bars last much longer) while we're still working through the ganache/puff pastries from the baking day (which are fantastic). The brownies, severely depleted, are in the freezer. Fingers crossed I get to the GE box next week.

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