Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate. How do I love thee?

I'm a chocoholic. Such a simple, clichéd term does nothing to convey the deep, abiding, obsessive love I have for chocolate--or the lengths of research and shopping I will endure to discover new products. I got started with the fashionable mall chocolatiers (Godiva, Ghirardelli, Lindt, and the like), but I've gone way past that into a world of high-end, artisan chocolate that normal people can't fathom. It's a lot like high-end wine: most people are vaguely aware that there is an upper stratum of product available, but without the obsessive gene that I seem to have, the joys of the good stuff remains a mystery. Which is why I thank god for California's fresh food/European cuisine fetish. The culture here lends itself to iconoclasts forging their own visions of food, drink, and chocolate. Same goes for the Internet. The Internet is awesome for foodies.

All of that said, high-end chocolate has become a hot fad over the last few years. (Thank you, worldwide credit bubble and "luxe-ifying" of every product on the planet!). The fad of high-end chocolate has been great for my ilk. The popularizing of "origin" chocolate and the adoption of uppity wine nomenclature has opened the gates for people to let their geek flag fly. Chocolate freaks everywhere are creating clubs and elaborate rating systems, and devoting entire websites to extolling chocolate and arguing about its finer points. I love it. I love the battles of opinions and craziness, but until now I didn't participate outside of my own consumption.

With this blog, that changes! From time to time I will be adding to the online chocolate lore with tales of my own purchases and/or adventures. Don't think you can have adventures in chocolate shopping? You are mistaken! If you organize entire vacations around whatever highly ranked chocolatier happens to be (somewhat) nearby, adventure beckons. I once dragged Husband-cat & Eeyore on an all day jaunt to an obscure town in Italy only to find the top-ranked chocolatier's shop closed because it was Sunday. Recriminations and beating of the breast all around. Boy, was that fun!

Spoils from last year's Italy trip.

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  1. mmmm... chocolate.... love it ... want some!


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