Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Brownies and outer space

I may have my dramatic moments (just wait 'til you see my dead-pregnant-lady Halloween costume!), but I have a crew of friends who take drama and craziness to the next level. I call them my Drama Queen Crew, or just The Crew. I know enough to know when I'm swinging outside my weight class and they are heavyweights. I'll introduce them more as I progress, but for now just know they are out there… being chaotic and fabulous.

Recently, two members of The Crew – namely JR and Cece – helped me create the "Chocolate Baking Day!" I claimed that the event would benefit both Husband-cat's burgeoning baking abilities and my cacao-loving belly, but my secret agenda was to diminish my supply of high-grade baking chocolate. What? Doesn't everyone have five pounds of baking chocolate sitting around in their special-purpose chocolate fridge?

Setting up the event was ridiculously complicated. It took fewer emails to launch the last space mission than it did for us to set a date and time. My e-mail inbox quintupled over the span of a week. It was an astonishing amount of management for what was essentially a four-hour hang-out/baking event. I blame Blackberry: no one can reference previous e-mails on those tiny-ass screens, so smartphone users are constantly losing the thread of the conversation. Since I refuse to succumb to these new-fangled online phones, this makes me crazy.

After what seemed like the thousandth maddening email, I got so hormonal that I went online and bought a box of chocs and bars from a new high-end California chocolatier (more on that later). It seemed like a great way to calm my nerves at the time, but of course I can't eat it because now we have ten pounds of brownie to go through. I guess I'll just have to stick the uneaten chocolate in my chocolate fridge... right where all that baking chocolate used to be!
Why yes, this recipe does call for 1.5lbs of chocolate why do you ask?

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