Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My household

First is husband-cat. Hobbies: armchair urban planner/political wonk, modern design, and shiny objects-technology division. Secret vice: watching Starcraft shoutcasted games online. I'll alternate between calling him "the hub" and husband-cat. Silly illustration of him below.
 This is fetus-worm or Baby X (although she's baby skull-head in this sonogram). She's my parasite of choice, going into her fifth month of existence. She has also recently decided she likes sugar so I have to guard constantly against her cravings since they coincide so nicely with mine.

 Last but never least, She Who Must Be Obeyed or Mandy. She dislikes all and expects obedience for the very short periods of time she's interested in something other than sleep and attacking her tail. We adore her because of she makes the world simple: she=important, you=not important.

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