Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The man with the plan

If Simon & Simon is about family bonds, then the The A-Team was about created family bonds. One of my all-time favorite Stephen J. Cannell series, The A-Team was popcorn fluffy goodness all around. One of the best aspects of it and the other functional male shows of the Eighties was the sense of loyalty and brotherhood inside of the over-the-top world the characters occupied. Despite the wide archetypal differences of their characters they got along. Does B.A. hate flying? Drug his milk and put him on a plane! Murdock insane? Break 'em out of the psych ward for the mission, he can go back later! No problem has a solution that we can't simply create around!

There was a great underpinning idea that you could be unjustly accused, but still come out of it better than the corrupt system that surrounded you. You could still do your best and be known for it without being a goody-two-shoes, do-gooder. You were a badass with a plan who did it for the sheer hell of it. You stuck to your beliefs and your friends no matter what. You didn't like your situation, but you didn't give into it.

Compare that to House and his orgiastic joy in dissecting people painfully, or Patrick Jane and his sociopathic manipulations to solve crimes, and A-Team has a refreshing lack of masturbatory self-pity and destructive personality. Besides, neither of them have a tagline nearly as awesome as "I pity the fool!" Damn straight!


  1. Random you might also like from cool food illus. brought me here. I share you zen-timents. My nickname used to be "Face".

    1. Yeah, linkwithin cracks me up on their "associated posts" function. Clearly you were led here to see your namesake. :)


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