Monday, October 18, 2010

Magoo & Macguff

Introducing Mother Magoo & Aunt Macguff! Seen here working at a chocolate factory, Magoo and Macguff are the cornerstones of our family.

Their adventures are legendary, veering from comedic to tragic and back to comedic, often in seconds. They have ways of getting into troubles that are completely inexplicable to the rest of us and their explanations generally follow an internal logic understood only to each other.

Mother Magoo has knees that have been operated on so many times they have a plaque in the orthopedic wing of the hospital. Aunt Macguff has her own batch of health issues which like to sprout random new symptoms just to spite us. Magoo says if you combine them, you still only get a quarter of a healthy person. You'd think these circumstances might slow them down a bit, but you'd be wrong. They live by the maxim: I'm old, I'll listen if I feel like it, and then I'll do whatever the hell I want. Needless to say, we clash frequently over this particular point of view. I can never decide if they are inspiring or maddening.

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