Thursday, October 7, 2010

I love all things Lucite!!!

Three exclamation points is a sure sign of a diseased mind, or of an excitement so profound it only sounds crazy – this is the latter. I adore Lucite with a love that cannot be bound by mere earthly chains. We have a vintage Lucite table, our Lucite nightstands, and a growing collection of vintage and modern Lucite jewelry. I'd have more, but Husband-cat puts the paw down at having a house that looks like a stage set of Lucite and acrylic faux futurism where guests are constantly tripping over barely seen furniture. I feel this is an unfortunate attitude – I mean what's a good Dick Van Dyke pratfall between friends?

All of this brings me to the Rago Arts and Auction Center featuring these items:

This is a flipping desk! Oh yes, a roll-top desk with leather writing surface! Don't you wish you were the person of such awesomeness that this was your workspace?

And, for game night....

A game table!

Normally I like my Lucite uncontaminated, but something about the combination of Lucite with these particular woods is entrancing! The designer is Vladimir Kagan and there are other pieces by him in the auction. Since I adored what I saw in the auction I naturally assumed he was yet another amazing modern designer of the bygone era - but not only is he not dead, but he freakin' blogs! The mind boggles. 

Rago Arts does amazing auctions and just ran two huge auctions of furniture, art, and jewelry in the beginning of October: Early 20th Century and Middle 20th-21st Century. I get their e-mails so I can drool over what they have to offer and while away many hours I should be doing something productive.


  1. about some photos of your collection?

  2. I'm waiting until I unpack our 1950's Lucite table of fabulousness later this month. The collection will definitely get a post of its own.


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