Thursday, October 28, 2010

Design blogs will be the death of me

Why? You ask. Foolish mortal! They fill your head with shiny objects until such time as you want to DIE from the raw need to get the shinies off the screen and into the world. I read tons of design, art, and "lifestyle" blogs because I have bum wrists which need a good ten minute stretch per sixty minutes of computer time. That's a lot of friggin' time to fill, so onto the internets I go. Normally, a happy symbiotic relationship: they need readers, I need shinies. But not today. Today they are out to get me.

Scrolling through past posts on Design Crisis I come across this punch in the eyeballs:
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 A gorgeous nursery Karly has been working on for 9 MONTHS! You know what's in my nursery? Boxes and a broken rocking chair. But mostly boxes. Maybe some dust. Baby Skullhead is due in a scant three months and I can't even put up fabric swatches!

Which brings me to this:
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The world's most irritatingly happy orange flower pattens by Amy Butler (via a 2008 post from Twig and Thistle) that I must use to decorate Baby Skullhead's nursery right now! Its like a biological need! Ignore the fact that I have tons of crap to do in the house we've only been in for three days. (Or that my original plan was art deco.) There's a nursery that needs design work! Oh god, I hope this is the pregnancy talking…


  1. I must say I love the fact the baby is "Baby Skullhead." It occurs to me looking at the colors you like that I may have cool donation to the wardrobe for you and baby skullhead.

  2. Hey, hey! Donations always welcome! Bright happy colors for Baby Skullhead!


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